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CORE@Home is a project which aims to enable more disadvantaged people to use computers in their own home to benefit their education and social inclusion. We also aim to protect the natural environment by recycling and re-using computers that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites.

CORE@Home provides 'ready to use' second hand, licensed computers and computer equipment to disadvantaged people. By 'disadvantaged' you may be disabled, housebound, an older person, long-term unemployed, a refugee etc. In short, we support people who would benefit from having a computer at home but cannot afford to purchase one.

Through the CORE@Home project, we want to see more people empowered in their community through the use of computers in their own home, opening up new social networks or new learning, leading to positive change and a better quality of life.

CORE volunteers provide information and advice on accessible computer hardware and software for disabled people along with technical help at our workshop to solve computer hardware problems.

Founding trustees and volunteers derive their inspiration and values from the life, message and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. These Christian beliefs shape what we do and provide the pastoral basis and care for our community on which our work is founded.